If depression is considered as a serious condition to adults, how would you consider depression in children? Actually, depression in children is the same as in adults with only a few exceptions. Therefore, this only means one thing depression in children should be given immediate attention and care, especially they can’t make out the exact words to express their condition. This is why you have to always keep a closer look at the possible signs of depression in children in order for you to take certain action about the problem.

To say that children have clinical depression, they must have five of the 9 most common symptoms of depression, which can cause interference on their functioning or behavior, for a period of at least two weeks. Below is a list of some of the symptoms that could be potential signs of depression in children. These symptoms might be helpful to you if you suspect your child or some children you know are suffering from depression.

– Irritable mood most of the day, almost every day

– Have trouble sleeping or sleeping too much almost every day

– Fatigue or loss of energy

– Decreased ability to think or concentrate

– Significant weight loss of appetite resulting to lose or gain of weight

– Loss of interest once enjoyed doing

– Restlessness or slowness

Other physical symptoms, such as severe headaches, which may not be very common, have experienced by children for at least once a month. There are actually many other warning signs of depression in children that you should know and be aware of. Early signs of depression in children can easily be missed out because it is usually associated with other behaviors:

– Sudden changes in behavior

– Aggressiveness, angry or agitated behavior

– Increased interest in risk-taking

– Lower self-esteem, resulting in withdrawal from other people

When you notice that young people talk about harming themselves or even suicide, dont let it pass by. In case you dont know, harming ones self or suicide is not new to depressive people. They have the tendency to commit suicide because of many factors such as feelings of worthlessness, unhappiness, helplessness, and many more.

Anyway, none of the signs of depression in children should be taken lightly. Once signs of depression in children are observed, make sure to talk to your child and have him or her talk about what they are feeling. It’s no use to cheer up your child, so dont try and seek professional help immediately as doctors are the only ones who can diagnose depression. Fortunately, depression is curable and can be cured only with psychotherapy and medication. Except for depression, you and the whole family, and friends can still show your support to other emotional and physical hardships of your child.

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